I finally tuned my laser PSU with the adjustment pot, and I had to get creative

Having my second machine for a while now (a Unique CNC ~130 / ~150 watt 900 x 600 Reci W6) I’ve finally decided to trim back the MYJG150W PSU appropriately to limit the output to the safe 28mA @ 100%.

Why did I wait? Well this is why:

See, the pot is on the right side of the PSU, and there was no way of getting to it. I’ve been disciplined to keep my layers at 60% max which was producing 28mA.

But I felt it was time to set this properly and to do so, well, I decided to just drill a 3/8” access hole right into the side of the machine. And wouldn’t you know? Yes, in spite of my attempt to measure the height correctly, I was a little too high on hole #1, so two holes exist. And that piece of coro I was using to protect the PSU from the drill bit upon penetration? Well, that helped a little, but it looks like I should have used something a little stronger. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh well, no harm other than slight cosmetic marring on the case of the PSU.

So here is what it looks like without the holes covered:

And through the correctly positioned lower hole, there lies that pesky pot:

And a small piece of gorilla tape to close it up:

And with that, after tuning the pot, 28mA @ 100% power setting on a layer.

I think the secret was in the Chinese instructions and not the CHINGLISH translation :zap: :rofl: :zap:

I know that’s the chiller unit I was just having some fun …

I ran into some 3/8” plugs at a hardware store and thought I’d get them to replace the tape:

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@Stroonzo that looks super clean and professional.


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