I get through Calibrate Lightburn Camera ok, but can't get Camera Alignment to work at all

I am trying to get my lightburn camera set up. After going through the calibration steps, I was given a link to click to align the camera.
I placed a 9" square piece of cardboard in the machine, adjusted the settings on the screen, and pressed the button to check the frame position.

Nothing happens. I try to just bypass the frame button, still nothing.
Please help.
(I’m running Win 10 on an HP machine)

Can you show picture of alignment screen? I had no link for alignment.

Here’s a pic from my screen. This is after nothing happened when I hit FRAME. Nothing happened after another day of failed attempts, so I closed the lid on the machine and hit START. That is when I got the message.

I used to be able to run material tests (the only thing I have…

I just figured it out. I think, sorry!

When i ran my lightburn camera wiring, I had all of my other usb cords unplugged so I wouldn’t trip on them.

I gorgot to plug the PC cord back in… I feel so stupid right now! :man_facepalming::smile:

I won’t bother attaching the jpeg file, but wanted to thank you for your help. Typing this out helped me think it through!


Ya, I’ve never done that. lol. Good you got it working. Now go burn up some wood.

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