I guess I am not understanding Min and Max Power

I found I had to turn my min way up to cut thru plywood. Best it has ever cut, did 1/4 ply on one pass and could have used less power. Is there an approved explanation of how to utilize this function properly? Why min/max? I had thought min would be the minimal power used at the point of changing directions or going around a curve.

I realize how completely insane this is going to sound, but hear me out: have you considered reading the documentation, or searching there for “Min Power”? :slight_smile:


(Sarcasm aside - there’s a full description of the issue you’re seeing at the above link)

I searching there now, not that exact page. Working on it. Not insane, just hard to locate what I need. Thanks for page link

There’s a setting in the Ruida called “Start Speed”, and that is the speed at which the controller begins making the transition from Min to Max. If you are cutting at or below your “start speed” setting, it only uses Min Power.

Well this is what I missed on the page offered, so that helps a bunch, need to check the rudia.
“If you are cutting at a low overall speed (for example, 10 to 20 mm/sec on a CO2 machine) the laser might only ever use the ‘Min Power’ setting, so it is recommended when cutting at very slow speeds to set these both the same.”
I sorta started skimming after it addressed gcode in the same paragraph first.

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