I guess I reinvented the wheel

I am new to laser engraving/ laser work, but seemed to have a lot of mug orders. So instead of tying up my panel engraver i made, i did this:

it runs on fluidnc
esp32 d1 r32 arduino board with cnc shield
sd card
185mm table (y) with 200 mm (x)
has both limit switches. Or change out the table and not use the y limit switch.

well thought i would post to see if anyone like it


some more pics. any advice would be welcome. i did fix the belt on the printer to solve the issues

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cool ! :+1:

bit messy on the inside of it but i used what i had on hand.

and yes I printed the wrong file as its missing that bearing support so gonna reprint it and add the sd card mount stuff

oh and i should add for @JohnJohn it works via lightburn over wifi

The creativity of some people is astounding.
Good on ya’ for this.



does it count if i almost made the x axis into an arm with a distance sensor to engrave names on the handles?

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My mum was a potter for 50 plus years and she had a great device for centering her pots for trimming and turning. The giffen grip. I believe with your skills with the 3d printer you could incorporate a self centering chuck into the turn table

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