I have a couple hardware questions

On my Ruida controller LED number 15 is turned on. it says 5volts.
An issue with LEDs on my stepper drives. On my Z-axis drive, green is turned on. On both my X and Y axies the green LED is blinking.

I am still having these two issues. There is a row of 15 LEDs on the front of the Ruida 6442 controller. my number 14 led is blinking which I have been told is OK. Then number 15 in constantly on.
then on my stepper drives I have a red and a green LED. On my X and Y drives the green LEDs are blinking. The z stepper is a steady green.
There are a lot of smart people here, maybe someone will have had this problem.
Oh, by the way my machine is still running and cutting.


The following information shows what the LED mean (as shown in manual):


I assume you already had a look in the manual of the stepper drivers looking what the LED of the stepper driver means?

Can you give us some information on which stepper drivers you are using?

Am I correctly assuming that your machine is working at the moment and you are just wondering why the LED of X and Y stepper driver is different from the Z driver?

JP, I bought a Gweike laser about 8 years ago. I have no manual for the drives. I did reach out to them. They kept wanting me to check the voltage on my 36 voltage supply.

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