I have a D1 & when i have it set on fill it says its out of bounds due to overscan setting

this issue just started. Ive set a 10mm circle in center of work space set speed low & still says same thing. if you select yes laser goes & crashes into side. a friend who also has a laser brought over his laptop & his lightburn works my laser just fine.

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with the design showing and Cut / Layer window showing?

I don’t see anything obvious in the screenshot. Do you possibly have an inadvertent object somewhere else that you cannot see?

Try Window->Zoom to Selection. Does it zoom to a larger area than expected?

What does Preview show?

If none of these approaches yields fruit can you upload the .lbrn file here?

no. ive even uninstalle d& reinstalled lightburn software

Are you okay to upload the .lbrn file here for review?

does everything correct here?

it does it on all files. i can draw a small circle in the middle set it to fill & same result. even at slow speed

Your scanning offset adjustment is severely messed up which is likely the cause of the issue. I’d suggest recreating your device or looking up default values for those and fixing them.

Can you also confirm that you have the extension on your laser? Also, are you not using the crosshairs on your laser?

when i saw those #s i thought that. im reset those & im goin to go try it out. thanks for your help

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