I Have a NEJE Master 2S Plus. I replaced the laser module and now it will not cut?

It is a 30 watt laser and is focused to the best of my ability. The module is exactly the same as the one I replaced. When trying to cut it will mark the item to be cut but does not cut hot enough to cut through. All the settings are the same as before when the old module was in. The laser has a 12 volt power supply that plugs into a wall outlet.
I have had the machine for a few years and replaced a module before and did not have this issue happen.
What am I missing here, why will it not fire hot ?
Thank you for your help.

Can you measure the PWM and GND signals like in this tutorial?

There are a few things you can check from our troubleshooting guide: GRBL: Low or No Power Output - LightBurn Documentation

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