I have a problem I cannot solve

when I run a burn it is fine but if I want to run it again in the exact same spot there is a shift / drift on my y axis on a 1mm my x axis is good. when I run a calibration on the y axis there is nothing to come after. the end stops sit as they should and register contact when pressed

After you run your first pass try hitting your escape button. this should shift machine back to your start origin. Then run your second pass. This seems to work with my machine. Not the best fix but seems to work.

Are the belts attached to the y-axis perfectly tight?

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Another highly possible scenario…is this…is your plywood moving slightly due to the slight vibration of the machine. Unless you have something to keep the plywood from moving it can shift every so slightly due to this especially if the ply has a slight warp to it. Seen this many times myself. I use square magnets on the side butted up against the ply sides to stop this. Not a problem on thicker woods but 1/8" ply it will scooch due to vibration just a tad

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