I have a problem with Lightburn

Dear friends. I am using Lightburn 0.9.18
at CNC 3018 with 15W laser. The problem is that
continuously engrave without interrupting the changes of objects.

Thank you very much my friend for always being well
I have not tried it yet but it seems to me a logical answer.
Have many wishes (sory for the tongue)

Dude I wanted to tell you that my project does not include $ 30-31 & 32 so the problem was not resolved
Thanks for trying

What version of GRBL are you running on that machine? If you don’t have those settings, you would need to use the GRBL-M3 device in LightBurn.

My friend, I greet you.
I am using Version 1.1. I adjusted it and
like GRBL-M3 but nothing.
The thing is, it works on the desktop computer
normally the problem exists when i put the laptop with just
the same settings. This drives me crazy.

If it works from a desktop computer but not a laptop, it might be that the board or laser is not properly grounded. A desktop computer would be grounded through the USB connection, but a laptop would not be.

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