I have a problem with the Option "Scan and Cut" Shifted Cutline to the Scanned Area

Hi there

I´m using Lightburn since over a year now and come over a problem with the Scan and Cut Option from time to time. If I´m doing an Engraving and want to have to outlines sharp I´m using the Scan and Cut Option. So far so Good, but in some projects I see a repeatable problem with the placing of the Cutline to the scanned Area. The Cutline is shifted and hits not the outlines of the scanned Area. The more Copies of the Same Shape I have on my Workspace the more visible is that Shift over the whole Area. Its not an Mechanical problem, it seems a Software/ Hardware Comunication Thing or something like a delay in Communication, but I have no clue where to find the problem. I´ve already cleared the whole memory of my controler to avoid an overfilling there, but thats not the Problem. Here a picture of what I mean.

The Lower part is the Area it start to make the Cutline. The whole Area 2019 and Kill is still in place from this part on to the Upper part it becomes more shifted.
It makes this shift as well when I clone the Shape and let on simple scna and the next only cut.

Thx for advice!

That looks like it might be your Y acceleration or idle speed being too high, and skipping steps in the Y axis as it’s moving. Is the scan in this picture going vertical (along the text) or horizontal (across it)?

Its alongside the text so the picture is flipped by 90degrees. That means it started cutting on the right side of the text and went to the left side. So it would be the X Axis right? My idle speed is at 120mm/s the scanspeed is at 100mm/s.
No idea whats the acceleration values are need to look in the machinesettings with rd works

Can you try running the same job in RDWorks to see if it behaves the same way? If so, that would point to an issue with the settings, or machine in general.

And the machine settings can be viewed or changed in LightBurn too. Edit > Machine Settings.

I´ve looked through the Settings. The machine has an max Acceleration of 1000mm/s for Engraving and 600mm/s for Cutting.

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