I have a question regarding camera use

I think it would be nice if we could use the background as a live camera view also as this would allow to setup several pieces at once. Then we could just do a capture and the live view would be still in the background.

When you say “use the background as a live camera view”, do you mean the corrected version, or just the same image as the preview window? Even the uncorrected version takes a lot of CPU power to capture and display if it’s not ‘pure’ - The next release of LightBurn uses the GPU to do some of the capture work, and displays the preview image as a hardware overlay, so it doesn’t use CPU resources.

Having it displayed in the background would take even more CPU than it did before, because I’d actually have to grab the image at full size, not just display the small preview. I could try it, and have it on a periodic timer, like 3 or 4 times a second to reduce the overall load, but I suspect it would still use a lot of CPU.


Yes, that is what i meant.
I use the camera alot, and was doing about 30 engraved cards, if the background was live i could set them up a little easier as i could line them up with the grid

The corrected version takes a considerable amount of calculation to generate, so it would never be “live” like the preview is. I could have a mode where it updates one or twice a second, possibly.

I think that would be awesome… Thanks

A work-around that doesn’t require a live view would be to cut a piece of cardboard that is secured to the bed. Make the cut using the card outline and each card you place against the cardboard will be properly aligned.

I cut a number of circular drink coasters by cutting a circle in scrap cardboard, added a finger access crescent. Drop the coaster, hit burn, lift and drop another one, boogie on!

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