I have an NEJE master 2S I’ve downloaded the Lightburn trial

I have an NEJE master 2S I’ve downloaded the Light burn trial to run on a
27” Mac. When I tried to find the device, nothing was found I had to load it manually. Also when I engrave a name it comes out as a mirror image.
I’ve just drawn a square 160 by 160mm with diagonals to show the centre, drawn a circle in the top left corner and a name/text in the centre. looks right on the computer, the out is wrong the text is upside down and the circle is in the bottom left hand corner.
What do I need to do to get it correct?
I’ve also changed to a windows machine which found my NEJE first time!
If I could work out how to include photos I would!

Which way is it mirrored?

“Edit → Device Settings” has an ‘origin’ that needs to be correctly set to the machines ‘origin’.

Change it to the dot that is across the mirrored axes. That should be your actual home.


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