I have been getting this message about SHX Directory

as the title says (screen shot…any one know the sudden reason for it to start appearing and I get a small Lightburn screen appearing…

Which, unfortunately, is completely illegible.

Perhaps you (inadvertently?) aimed the SHX font directory somewhere that no longer exists?

Sorry about that…Trying again…


Yeah you are correct problem is now solved…

Cheers merlin have a nice day

If this is the font:

Auditory Perception Single Line Font | Single Line Studio | FontSpace

Then it is TrueType font, not an SHX font.

Although it’s a “single line” font, IIRC TrueType fonts consist of closed outlines, so each “single line” is really doubled and the laser will trace it twice. If you’re filling them, then they’ll work better, but they may be too thin for that to work properly.

SHX fonts, on the other paw, consist of single strokes and are better suited for vector engraving.

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