I have google chrome OS (64bit) and trying to install light burn or laser he l but won’t let me

I need help installing laser grbl or light burn with Google Chrome OS 64 bit

Are you on an x64 or arm chip? You may be able to run it on x64 but not on arm.

If on x64 do a search here for “chrome OS” and you’ll likely find some tips on getting it going.

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I am not the most computer savy but what is arm?

ARM in this case refers to the chip architecture that the CPU driving the computer is based on. ARM is the architecture that drives nearly all smartphones and tablets. It also happens to be used in many Chrome OS machines.

x64 is the architecture that PCs are built on.

What is the specific model of Chromebook that you are using? That can be used to determine the CPU type.

You can also check this if you go to Settings → About Chrome OS. It should list “User Agent”. What is listed there?

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