I have just installed lightburn to my 80w red and black laser, machine operates manually from the machine pad, when I try to operate from my laptop I get the message,problem sending data, or paused can anyone help first time laser user

I am a newbee to Lightburn, finally got through the minor problems of machine wont start, chiller low on water then water leak from drain plug not tightened enough tighten plug FIXED, hose inlet connected wrong way inlet to inlet, changed connected inlet to outlet, flow good problem FIXED, when pulse pressed no signal or laser burn, FIXED, pulse now sends burn since chiller issue fixed, Bubbles in laser tube FIXED, tilt machine bubbles gone, send file form lightburn to laser now accepted,check pulse LASER BURNS, finally open file to cut simple square, message says laser busy nearly there but not quite., Can some one help me please its not as easy as it seams. Sam

Long post title.

This is a good place to start: Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

thank you for the information will look through,
tried my laser again yesterday adjusted bed and laser height laser fires on pulse. tried sending file again, file accepted pressed start siren sounds twice, nothing happens, Sam

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