I have licence key dor gcode now i have new co2

I have expired licence key for gcode now i buy co2 with ruida 6445 now i need dsp code my question is
Its better to upgrade my gcode to dsp its cost 60euro or to buy new dsp key for 120euro and if i upgrade my gcode to dsp does my licence will be with expired period or i will have one year with updates sorry for my gramar english :slight_smile:

When your license has expired, you usually cannot upgrade. You need to buy a new license for your dsp machine, this version also covers your g-code machines and applies again one year for all updates.

Your license does not “Expire” It is good for life. Your ability to upgrade to new versions expires. You SHOULD be able to just add the DSP license to your existing key, and keep using the version you are using, but that will not renew your upgrade period, it will simply enable you to use a DSP controller on your existing key;

Worst case scenario, you would need to renew your existing license for another year of updates, which with both would only be $90 USD, instead of $120USD for a new DSP capable license:

I don’t know what this wordplay is for, but you can’t extend something that’s expired. You may be able to “reuse” your license number but you must purchase a new license.
LightBurn has sometimes been very generous to renew expired licenses if it was only a few days past the time and there was a reasonable reason for it, but this is not the standard.
The update/renewal period is 12 months, otherwise I could just “make do” with renewing all 24 months and save 50%… :wink:

You can renew after it expires. You just lose the extra 2 months they offer. I would renew license then get the DSP upgrade.

That USED to be the case, but it changed LONG ago. I’d recommend you read the current documentation. If you renew your update capability, it adds 12 month from the day you renew it. And there is absolutely zero case to ever have to purchase a whole new license. See here:

OK, bought a license in 2021, how much does it cost to join the update train again in 2024?

For me it’s $30 us

$30 US, which will give you 12 months of updates from the day you pay.

If it is a case then I have read/understood Lightburn’s license policy wrong for many years. It will reduce software cost significantly if you can “settle” to pay only all 3-4 years for the big updates …

As I said, it USED to work the way you were thinking. If you hadn’t renewed your maintenance in two years, you had to purchase Two years of maintenance to “Catch Up” But, it was changed a couple of years ago due to community pressure basically to the way it is now. So, you can now not purchase maintenance for two years, then suddenly pay $30 to purchase, and enjoy 12 months of upgrades from that point forward. I don’t know that it was really publicized when the change was, but it was made and works this way now.

Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t “notice” a change in the license policy.
It would have been enlightening if @lightburn had made a brief comment/clarification here in this thread. But, if I’m the only one who has slept in class, it’s probably ok as it is.

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