I have to slow down my project every time further

Hello everyone,
I have a LM2Pro S2, with a laser head “LU2-4 LF”, everything went well since two years but since a few days, I had a big order of leather coasters, and for 15 of them everything was fine.
Now, I have to slow down the engraving on every “line layers”, it doesn’t engrave as before. Horizontally it’s ok, but vertically it doesn’t engrave at all.
I cleaned everything this morning but nothing changed.

It’s like the laser was not as powerfull as it was…

I had a LM2 before, and I did exactly the same. I changed to the LM2 Pro because I thought it will be better, and “longer”…

Also, with lightburn as software, the head stop by itself when I start the project, sometimes the laser stay on and burn the coaster, sometimes everything shut down and I had to home and start again…

It’s really annoying, if anyone had some tips?

Thank you very much!

This may be relevant

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