I have tried everything please help

I have an Ortur laser master 2 15w laser. I have recently figured out how to burn text successfully but I am really struggling to burn images, more specifically portraits. I have changed the DPI and line interval as recommended. I have also adjusted the image accordingly enhancing the radius value to 5, enhancing amount to 200 ( have tried 400 aswell) and changed gamma to 0.7.
When i preview the image it is just so blurry. I did burn one and it took around 4 hours and only burnt the darker areas of the image. Please see photos attached and offer any advise.
Thank you, Keeley.

what is the size of the picture you are trying to make. I found pictures that are smaller than 640x480 engrave worse than that of 1024x768. Jarvis works great and i usually do have to lighten up my phots but for the most part i just bring them in an let the program do its thing. I also found that sometimes depending on the photo 127 to 200 DPI is plenty. I have tried 400 and 600 but think the lower resolution looks better. Try slowing down some and lighten up the picture more!

I am having an issue i wonder if anybody can help me with.
My laser does not want to burn any images lol. I am trying to burn portraits, have changed dpi and line interval and adjusted images as per lightburn recommendations but it only burns darker areas and takes around 4 hours?
any advice ?
Thanks, Kee

I moved this post here from another thread. The way you started this thread was much more effective and will get you to your goal faster.

Cheers mate not sure how this forum works so apologies if i caused confusion lol :laughing:

Hi@ Bachman ! Thank you for your time.
My image size is around 110mm by 150mm. Most of my work will be this size so its really important i find a setting for this size if you get me.
And okay i will try that tomorrow! I followed guidance on the forum from lightburn staff and they suggested 254 dpi but i guess i will try lower it see if it changes.
Its also taking around 4 hours to burn one image which i know isnt right do u have any idea how i can speed things up ?
Many thanks Kee :blush:

It’s all good! You’ll get the hang of it. I’ve got to shuffle a few more things then I’ll see if i can help.

Amazing ! :clap: thank you!!!

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