I hope to optimize the image tracking function. Here are some of my suggestions!

  1. Add support for transparent image formats, such as; After adding support for transparent image formats such as png and tif, you can add options to track only the outer contour of the image without considering more details in the image, reducing the amount of computation. (In my actual work, I mostly perform positioning, edge inspection, contour cutting, which is my main job)

  2. Enhance image tracking performance. When tracking large or complex images, preview jams can be severe, and it takes a long time to wait. The preview cannot be updated at any time while mediating parameters, affecting the user experience.

  3. Continue to optimize tracking accuracy, sometimes sharp corners become rounded corners.

Here are some suggestions for using LightBurn in my work. I know that my requirements may be a bit high, but I still hope that your company can adopt and improve them, and I hope that they can be improved in subsequent version upgrades. Therefore, I will continue to provide my reasonable suggestions!

thank you!

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