I installed Lightburn update and now I cannot engrave anything larger than about a 4 in square

Ever since I installed the update to my Lightburn program my Laser will not engrave anything over about a 4 in sq. I have checked the Device Settings for the working area and it is set right. I am not sure what else to check?

When you say your laser will not engrave anything larger than 4 in. sq., do you mean if you engrave a six inch square it will STOP when it exceeds 4 inches, or do you mean the laser won’t even start the larger design?

Can you please post any errors displayed?

BTW. seriously doubt it’s related to the update.

When I put anything on to engrave it larger than 4 in. it will not frame or engrave and the laser will disconnect. I am going to hook up and I will get back to you on the any errors that is showing. thanks

I think i got it figured out i am pretty sure it was in my settings . It has been awhile since i have run this and some thing are coming back . Thanks for your help

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