I just finished installing my Ruida controller

Well, I say finished, I finished hooking the wires up to the controller. Are they in the right place lets talk?
I have two sets of wires that I am not sure about. In the one picture, it is the two connectors at the bottom. This should be the X, Y and Z limit switches. The next connector is in the other picture it is on the top left. This is to supply power to the laser tube. Am I missing any wires
I am switching from a Leetro MPC 6442.

My machine uses the same colors for wiring (not that that means anything at all) and it looks the same as mine except:
My laser (CN5) has yellow and brown swapped. I don’t have a good enough picture of my PSU to see which wires are going to it and where they’re going. Since green/yellow is usually ground (earth) in the blue/brown/yellow-green stripe wiring world, I’d check your wiring schematic for your PSU and Ruida just to make sure.

I also have a Z+ wire hooked up (does your bed move and do you have autofocus, then you’d have both.)
Other than that, all of your wires are in the same places as mine, and the colors all line up the same.

Unfortunately I can’t attach this entire .pdf file, but here’s a screenshot of the CN5 instruction for changing from a Leetro 6515 to a Ruida 6442:

Mandy, can you email me that pdf? my email is my first name @ mylastname.org

I sure appreciate any help I can get. Is your machine running good?

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