I lost all my speed/power settings on last update

I lost all my speed/power settings on last update there is all my tested speeds and power, now i got problem. every time when i turn off LB i lost it again!


Are you talking about the layers or the material settings database?

yes sry for my bad english its layers

The layers are not the place to “store” settings. The layer settings will be overridden each time you load a file that uses those layers. You can have one setting for each layer that you set as default, but this setting will still be overridden by every file. So if you have tested values, store them in the material database, those retain and can be loaded onto any layer you like.

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Read the following Doc.

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Same! Everything is now 100/20. I change it back and when I reopen it goes back to 100/20 again.

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That indeed looks like a bug. Since both of you have the same default settings reset every time you start. Maybe remove the LB preferences in total and start fresh. Does it change anything?

Hi, same problem, in the artistic library it doesn’t save the project as it is saved, that is, the full lines become just lines, the profile that was saved there with the frequencies, power, speed etc… is reset. At the moment, in order not to risk losing the data that I am recreating, at the moment I am simply saving the project on the computer manually in: file → save as, and therefore I save them in this way, and for the moment it saves me all the settings. Maybe it can be useful to someone

PS: I also downgraded to version 1.6.00, but nothing changes

I hope this gets resolved in a quick fix as its so annoying when you open a file you have used several times and forget to change the setting because with this new update everything is now 100/20. I hope whatever fix is released it restores the original settings.

I’m having this issue as well. I updated yesterday and every time I open LB it resets the layers to 100/20. I too didn’t have my settings put in the library. Lesson learnt with this one and will go research how to use the library function properly. Other than this issue and mostly user error it’s a pretty good program.

@JohnJohn @LightBurn Maybe worth to check, it seems to affect quite some people now.

Same issue, replying for update notifications.

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I think this one got me too. The issue has been escalated to the Dev channel.
A heartfelt thank you to everyone for reporting, confirming and verifying this behavior.


Same Issue replying for update notifications. Hopefully a fix will come soon, lots of files and settings to update.

In LightBurn, open the main Settings page, click the File Settings button, then look at this toggle switch:


If you have that enabled, then LightBurn is working exactly as it’s supposed to. This function was enabled by default, but there was a bug in the code that was applying it, and it didn’t force-reset the settings if you didn’t have your own defaults applied. That was fixed recently.

If you want your various layer settings to stay put, you can turn this off, or better, go to the Cut Settings Editor window and click ‘Make default’ at the bottom to make that layer setup the default you want.

If you leave the “Load default layer settings” switch off, you’ll lose your settings any time you load someone else’s file who uses a different value on one of those layers, so it’s not a very good way to work in general - they’re too easy to have overwritten. The material library or setting your own using “make default” is the better way to do this.

Apologies to anyone who was caught off guard by this, but loading someone else’s project file or material test would’ve overwritten your settings too.


When I chose the default settings by chance it was 6000mm/m 20% for all layers, so that’s how I used Lightburn and I didn’t notice it working like this. And I like it better this way. All that’s left is to clean up the layer names.