I’m trying to engrave a logo onto a knife made of steel

I have this steel knife that was made and I would like to put my logo onto the blade. I have a ometech 50w laser. Im very new to this and tried to do a bunch of research but still haven’t made much progress. I need help with what settings to run on in order to make a good engraving. The lens I am using is a 1064 mm

When I want to know which settings to use, I do a material test on a sample of the same material I intend to record. This way I get the best options for my machine, since the parameters change from machine to machine even if it is the same brand and model, if I intend to get the best possible result.

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Okay thank you, that kinda helps me but I’m so new to the software and have watched videos as well but I’m still kinda clueless. The knife I am using is my testing material but I’ve been sitting there for hours messing with different settings only got it to lightly graze the steel and leave only a little mark that isn’t defined at all

I don’t know what lens you are using…

I got this settings from Laser Everything and have not used a lot of them, but they supposedly worked fine for them. At least it’s a start point. It’s been modified to adjust from the 30W they have for my 60W MOPA. So use them at your own risk :slight_smile:

254mm-fiber.clb (104.7 KB)

I did a couple of them on a $1 knife and it worked pretty well… LBT100 coating on the left, porcelain tile, knife and dog tag…


I have not tried this so test first. This is from laser everything for my 50w 300x300. The setting is named anneal. I have used this settings with my 60w 200x200. Only difference is the power is way lower (27)

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