I may have 3mm Ply B/BB for sale

I am close to buying a fair amount of 3mm Baltic Birch in b/bb grade It is what I use in my laser, I know it is getting hard to find, and was wondering if anyone would be interested if I were to offer some for sale.

What sizes are you talking? I do a few things with the B/B plywood, been getting it mostly from the Hobby Lobby and the dollar tree. Im actually contemplating offering up to make 1/8 solid wood planks. Just ordered a big batch of exotic from Rockler and cost me an arm and a leg. I can buy bulk and resaw it cheaper.

I will be using the USPS flat rate boxes for size unless picking up in Charlotte NC is an option for you

I am also wondering what size and price you have ?

Here is what I have right now
15pcs 5 ft x 24 inches and maybe 20 or so 30 x 60 pcs $2.50 a sq ft picked up If I need to cut and ship it will be 3.25 a sq ft plus actual shipping cost via USPS flat rate.

Thats all reasonable pricing, will keep you in mind when i need some, unfortunately im in mass. lol although a road trip would be great HAHA i love charlotte N.C.

Just wanted to say that I picked up 16 sheets of this 3mm ply. today. It is very nice light color with just about no blemishes at all on the good side. Most sheets were completely clear and also flat, not warped at all.
Thank you Raymond

My Pleasure Glenn.
It was nice to meet another Lightburn user.

Raymond, what size is the sheet you’re cutting from? I’m not far from Charlotte and would be able to pick it up basically untouched. What would the price be a sheet?

I have 15 sheets (+/-) that are 60 x 24. (10sq.ft. each) and maybe 18 sheets that are 30 x 60. (12.5 sq. ft. each)
Picked up in those sizes would be 2.50 a square foot. If you want them all I will get you an exact count.