I may have done something stupid...please help!

I was trying to open factory parameters in my ruida controller, thinking I could adjust the “Distance From Origin To Hard Spacing” parameter, or at least verify the setting was correct. I am getting Hard Limit Protection messages from time to time and its driving me insane. Anyway, as you probably already know, by doing this, I have reset my controller to factory settings. I expected a settings page to pop up so I could see the settings before resetting to factory settings…ughhh.
I just did a test and the laser seems normal, at least so far. Is there anything I should be aware of or keep an eye out for?

Ive seen another person do the same thing on here and Oz basically said, “You shouldnt have done that”
I’m pissed at myself for not thinking and honestly a little freaked out…

I should add, I have checked my machine settings in lightburn and everything appears to be the same as before.

I lucked out. I contacted bodor support. Even though its 12:30AM there right now, they logged onto my computer via teamviewer and reset all parameters. Now that’s amazing service…I’m so thankful!

Just a reminder: The “Machine Settings” window in LightBurn now has “Save” and “Load” options. Whenever I start playing with my Ruida config I make a backup first so I can always go back to what I had .

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Yes, very smart, thank you!:+1:

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