I need a modified roman font for gravestone

I need to laser some grave markers and they want modified roman as the font. Does anyone know where I can get that font? Or how I can import it into Lightburn? Is there something close on lightburn? I tried times new roman, but it’s too spread out. Maybe there’s a way to adjust that? The Roman font isn’t wide enough in the letter strokes, is there a way to adjust that?

I could really use some help.

Thank you!!

LightBurn uses system fonts, so any font supported by your OS will work. We also support the ability to use SHX fonts you place in any folder and point LightBurn to that folder to load.

Ive made quite a few headstones and memorial plaques.

‘roman’ is just a serif font, although you can type in ‘modified roman’ into font space and it returns a few options.

Typically a vertical serif font is used with a 2:1 height/width ratio is used, to enable you to fit a fair amount of wording on a tall, narrow object.

What the font is useful at identifying fonts - I captured a couple from the link @RalphU gave you and it identified some identical ones.


I’ve had good results with Vollkorn - hard for a non-pro to see the difference between that and ‘Modified Roman’. It comes in all styles - italic, bold, bold-italic, Caps, etc.

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