I need help converting full spectrum 2436 to ruida controller please

I have a 2016 model full spectrum pro2436 laser that I would like to convert to use Lightburn with a Ruida controller. Has anyone been successful doing this?

Probably has been done… All of these use the same control signals… Some controllers are pretty much a swap out using the original connectors…

Which Ruida controller are you going to use?

The Ruida controller usually doesn’t come with the vendor information, it’s just a plain controller. Vendor is put in by whomever built your machine or it’s vendor…

If possible read that information out of the original controller, save it so you can put it in the new controller.

This might be an informative read

Good luck


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I don’t know about the controller. I am really new at this…I am hoping others have done this. Thanks for the read, I will research it.