I need help error 20

i have a problem with a error code 20
I think it’s not the rotary neither a grbl problem but i can’t find a solution on the forum
thanks for some help

i can still work with the grbl laser program but not with lightburn and lightburn is so much better

Assuming the error is GRBL’s Error 20, it’s generally caused by:

  • Selecting the wrong device type (you want plain GRBL)
  • Having G-Code Clustering turned on in Edit → Device Settings

I think device auto-detection sometimes gets those wrong, so you may not have seen those choices go past while setting up the laser device.

The Diode Laser Wiki has far more detail on LightBurn’s settings:

His preconfigured S30 device profile may come in handy.

If tweaking those settings doesn’t get it running, other folks around here can give you more specific help.

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