I need help getting my Lightburn home page set up

I have a TTS-20 Pro I can not get set up right. I watched a beginner help video and his Lightburn home page was set up so that the work area of the laser fit the screen better than mine. I have 419 mm travel on my laser but my work space page has -300mm on the left side of my workspace that is wasting up space I need for my command windows on the right side. The are all on top of each other and have a grey top bar and I no longer have the tabs that allow you to bring up the pages for cut/layer, Move, consul or the others. How do I make these adjustments?

It looks like this

Because the machine has a square platform, the whole thing cannot fit into a rectangular screen workspace. However, you can zoom and pan around the machine’s limits within the workspace to see interesting parts of your design:

To dock the Laser window along the right side, click-n-hold on the top bar of the window, drag it over to the right until a highlight appears in that column, then release. The highlight will change depending on the vertical position in that stack; if the highlight covers an existing window it will become a tabbed window in that position.

(@JohnJohn: The whole tool-window docking process seems to be undocumented. The term “docking” is completely dominated by the Docking Toolpages and is not referenced in the main UI layout page where one might expect to find it.)

To restore a “missing” window, click Window along the top, then click the missing window in the list. Clicking Reset to default layout will resolve many confusing arrangement gotchas.


I keep seeing how people don’t have 300mm of unusable space to the left side but maybe mine is just going to stay there… As for moving docking the tabs I can move them around but I never get them to have the red top bar like you have or be able to click from one to the other. It just piled on top of other tabs and I have to close it to see whats below it and then go to the window tab and reopen it when I need it. Everyone else seems to have a red bar on top of each docked window and a row of tabs for each window to open it. Mine does not.

OK, Reset to default got me back to were I started. Plus it moved over the work space and got rid of some of the empty space and centered the laser travel.


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Maybe this helps as well:

Up in the top, you’ll see a menu called windows. click on that and either add the windows your looking for click reset to default, I have a feeling that’s what your looking to do anyways. could possibly be a resolution issue judging by yout description. I had a heck of a time getting the resolution to work on raspbian desktop.