I need some help engraving silicone wedding rings

Pretty much as the title says, I need to engrave some silicone wedding rings for my dad before his wedding this weekend. I just recently bought my laser engraver and light burn. Love them both, but have no idea where to start. I have ran numerous tests, but the silicone appears to just burn and does not leave very clear engravings.

Using a " 40 W Laser Engraver Kits for 3D Printer/CNC Machine Laser Engraving/Cutting 5W Output" from Sovol attached to my 3d printer.

If this laser won’t work, Does anyone have any recommendations on a budget laser engraver? Appreciate the help in advance!

Here is a link to a similar type of laser. I don’t think they look too great… but you decide…

Most of the successful engravings I’ve seen are from a co2 or fiber laser. Led lasers are generally rated by input watts whereas co2 and fiber are output watts.

Good luck


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