I need some help with Camera Issues

Hey Oz … My camera (60 Degree) stopped sending an image today, in the camera control window the Lightburn Camera is selectable but the overlay button is grayed out.

I’ve done everything I can think of like restarting the Laptop and the Lightburn program a bunch of times and can’t make it work.

So, do you have this camera in stock currently? If not, are there any other options?

Thank you,
Tim Boger

We don’t, but they’re supposed to arrive Monday. If you’re running Windows 10, does the Windows Camera app see it? Windows changed a bunch of permissions stuff recently and that has caused some intermittent problems, so try that and see if you get a response from it there.

I’m running win 7 all 3 shop Laptops, I swapped computers and may have a glimmer of hope.

Question, do you have any old broken cameras that I could buy just the lens from you? The plastic / rubber around the lens has a large chunk missing from struggling the get a hold of it in order to focus.

Thank you,
Tim Boger

I do have lenses here, by themselves. I’ll send one.

Thanks Oz … Lightburn always impresses me.

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