I need the Mexican Alphabet but Lightburn wont pop up "ñ" this letter

I need to spell out the last name of “Peña” but when I type in ALT+0241 to get the letter “ñ” Lightburn recognize something else. What can I do to get this letter

You should be able to copy/paste from Windows Character Map.

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2022-05-25_16-14-02 Peña

I clicked the ‘A’ Create / Edit Text icon on the left side and copied the text from the forum into the text input box.

Im going to try this but will I be able to change the fonts?

I usually do the same (as @stixstudios )… copy some characters from charmap, like ñáéíóú

And for those on macOS: Fontbook/View/Repertoire

yes, I scrolled through a couple of dozen fonts to verify.