I need to know how to edit a part of screen in LB

Below is a partial screenshot of LB screen. The nine dots is the area of concern. I want to place the lower left filled dot into the upper right dot or position. I assume this is the “Zero” position of the CNC I use for my laser.
Right now positions display as a negative.
I have Device Settings screen where the CNC Machine is turned on and the Origin set to top Right but this is not working properly for some reason?



The ‘nine dots’ in your first screenshot has nothing to do with your machine origin. It is the anchor-point of any currently selected object(s). The ‘Origin’ control in your second screenshot is where you set your machine’s origin. I’m not experienced enough to know why this isn’t working for you but I expect some who knows will be along soon.

Thank you for your input. it is appreciated.

Maybe these links will help:

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