I need to make a graphic using two half circles ,,,

Lets say I wanted to make a graphic of a pie cut into slices that are separate and can be moved around.
I can create a circle but can not see any way to cut it in half to use the two half circles as a new graphic.

Thanks RalphU for the reply.
I selected the circle and clicked on Edit > Convert to path,
That option went dim but I do not see any difference to the circle.
Still has the six nodes for moving it around but nothing to make it into a half circle.

OK I figured out you must then go to the arrange menu and select Break Apart.
That breaks the circle into 4 quadrants that can be worked with separately.

This is the graphic I am trying to draw.
As you can see it is a circle within a circle.
The inner circle must be cut in half and moved apart slightly.
Breaking the circle into 4 quads will allow this.
Next the lines must be shortened otherwise it will come out as an oval … not a circle.
There is where I am having a problem … shortening the lines in the two half circles.

The attached Lbrn file shows how I achieved this using Boolean tool assistant, I am sure there will be many other ways. Hope this helps
Example.lbrn2 (24.5 KB)

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Thank You MooseUK … you saved my bacon … This was driving me nuts.
So simple once you know the way.

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