I Need Vendor Settings For My Machine

Hi Guys - I have a blue and white chinese, 100w, 900x600 machine with Ruida 644xs controller. Can anyone send me the vendor settings as I’ve totally trashed mine :frowning:(
(I notice there is a section for this so I’ll look in there, but just in case if someone has the same machine it would be appreciated)

Hello All. I have a
CamFive CFL-CMA 1390 K and just put a Ruida 644x5 replacement control board and have all kinds of problems getting it to run properly. I do not have the original machine settings. Anyone who might have them or can direct me where I can get a copy would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work Guys.
Richard Grace

I can send them to you

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Thank you for your response. I have a CamFive CFL-CMA1390 K 100 watt laser machine. I just replaced the original control with a Ruida RDC644G. Any help with setting up the settings in the Ruida would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Richard Gr ace

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