I need wireless control of my Neje 3 Max with Lightburn (not remote)

Hello all. I use my Neje 3 Max on an enclosed/shielded cart that rolls outside. Unfortunately, the usb cables are too long to reach without having to remove the screen, and run them out the window of the shop office ( PITA). I stumbled upon the Lightburn Bridge and thought …. PERFECT! That is exactly what I need… heck, i can even flash my own SD and use existing Pi…. I was excited to use the best software (LB) for everything from design to production connecting to the laser via wifi… but unfortunately, it is only for Ruida type machines and not for USB, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about the dangers of remote control of lasers, burning houses, fears from the developers not wanting to add to the potential carnage… yet they have a bridge that discriminates the usb/diode laser users vs. the Ruida… the lightburn bridge works to allow for wifi control of the Ruida machines but not for the usb/diode machines??? The word I’m thinking of ends in ‘critical’

So I’m asking fellow NEJE users if any were successful in using Lightburn software to control the NEJE laser and camera over wifi. I thank you all in advance.

I’m not aware of anyone successfully using the IP connection type for GRBL devices in LightBurn. There is precedence for this working and LaserGRBL shows some solutions with wireless Serial or websockets connections so I’m sure it’s possible.

Another alternative solution you should look at is virtual USB solutions. You can use a Raspberry Pi or basic any computer with a USB connection to act as a host connection. Take a look at this video:

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LightBurn Bridge is specifically intended to be a way to circumvent the protocol limitations of UDP on macOS, as the Ruida controller natively uses UDP for networked communications (which can and will drop on poor to mediocre Wi-Fi, with certain networking stacks, etc.) It is not intended for “remote” operation of a laser, full stop.

LightBurn Bridge only works on Ruida controllers and not GRBL or Galvo controllers because of that intent; to address a technical inadequacy with one type of controller.

In short: LBB exists to resolve a technical flaw that we could not otherwise with one controller family. It is not intended to, or built to, permit remote laser use.

It should also be noted we do not support the other DSP control types (Trocen, TopWisdom) with bridge because they do not suffer from the UDP limitations the Ruida does.

And yet, I’d does exactly that… allow for wireless control of the laser. I refer to How To Connect Your Laser to Wifi - YouTube It just seems the genie is out of the bottle already.

This is actually really good information and may allow for what I am trying to achieve. Thanks. Now I only have to learn to listen faster. LOL.

Although I do not like the answer ( lol ) I do appreciate the quick response from the ‘Staff’ members.

I will say that Lightburn is by far the best product out there for simple 2D drawing CAD program… much easier than anything I have tried and that would include FreeCAD, InkScape and Adobe. I make my scale drawings and send to the laser to be cut (not using it for making crafts and such). I even export to DXF when I need to have parts cut in 1/4” steel from my online vender.

Just wish y’all would make my life easy and… well… you know.

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