I paid for a licence renewal, and my lightburn software reports its a trial copy

When My copy of lightburn expired I set it to tiral copy. Then updated my licence. Even though I paid for a renewed licence my software still says its a trial copy.

I guess I went about it the wrong way?


What version are you running? 9.06 is the latest and fixes some issues we had with the renewal flow and should fix this.

Thats the version I have just upgraded to. Its still the same

Did you try to re-enter your key? If so, do you get a message after you do so?

You’d just need to re-enter your key, as Rick says. If you drop down to a trial it removes the license from that computer, so you’d need to re-apply it.

Actually I assumed it wouldn’t work because it didn’t before I updated the version. But yes that did the trick thank you.

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