I purchased the ruida upgrade and one complete ruida program

I purchased the Rueda upgrade and one complete Rueda program, but I can still only use 2 computers to run Lightburn I should be able to run 4 now. the license portal wont open for me WTF? I have 3 machines and 2 are grbl 1 is Rueda soon to have 1 more. I design on 2 computers and have 1 in the shop to run the machines but my new computer is basically useless because it will only let me open with my old grbl license key urrg!

Thank you for reaching out! Please email support@lightburnsoftware.com and include your order information, any keys and the best email address for you to be the ‘master’ address. We can help sort this there. We want to avoid disclosure of personal information here in public. :slight_smile:

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