I receive this error when I attempt to run Trace the cut boundary with the laser head.

Is the laser homing properly? And is position after homing 0,0?

Yes. and after firmware update me ram shows fine. but the laser after reaching 400mm stops and throws an error about: start from.
I’d rather throw it out the window xD.
I checked it everywhere, I have a 400x850 working desk and the lower left corner. and when I try to find where the laser ended in those places 400 mm from the front, it keeps telling me an error in: Start From.

Can you run these commands in Console and return output? I’d like to confirm settings.


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It also happened to me twice, when I wanted to continue in that head, it shot out and crashed at full speed from the initial pod 0x0 to the end of the frame. when it crashed, the displacement motors kept pushing until I quickly turned it off personally.

But this doesn’t bother me so much, I was just surprised by a machine for 36,000 CZK and it will slowly destroy itself. I thought there were some sensors from that.

rather, I would like to advise on the fact that I cannot use the 850 mm that I bought here as an extension.
no, it must be connected in another cable. such as one end for a 400 x 400 machine and another for a 400 x 850?
I’ve had the machine for a week and this is the first time I’ve been engraving larger than 400mm.

Did you recently upgrade to the extended frame? $131 is currently set to 400 which doesn’t reflect the larger bed.

Run this in Console:


Then rehome and retest the frame.


Thank you.
it works.
May I ask how these commands work?
I thought it was all activated via app updates.
that I don’t have to enter it. like for example with wifi, I also had to go through the codes.
I just need to find all such codes on the Internet and gradually check if everything is set correctly.

The $ indicates a series of different commands in GRBL. GRBL is the specific type of software that drives the controller. $131 specifically refers to the setting related to Y-axis travel limit. = is used to assign the value on the right of the = to the setting specified. So in this case, assigning 850 to $131.

I’m not familiar with any Ortur specific apps or what they’re capable of doing. You could achieve this in LightBurn via Edit->Machine Settings where it presents you a more user friendly view of the configuration.

You can find a list of general GRBL settings here:
grbl/settings.md at master · gnea/grbl · GitHub

However, Ortur uses a fork of GRBL called grblHAL which extends some of the configurations.

You can find Ortur specific configuration information on their firmware site:
Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur


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