I still have no preview in my Shape Properties

Rick James, I just updated to 0.9.06 and I am still unable to view the preview in the Shape Properties window.

Also, I apologize for the Facebook fiasco. I was unaware of the protocol. I didn’t wanna start a new thread on this great site for something that seemed closed. I thoroughly enjoy the Lightburn software and all of the hard work of the staff.

I have a screenshot for consideration.

Thank you for any advice.

Is there such a feature to allow you to have a preview in the Shape Properties window? On the previous version, a png image does not preview in the right column, but neither does a polygon sketched out as a test.

The preview is the tiny monitor icon on the tool bar just beyond the Help menu pull-down.

Shape Properties is a window in LightBurn, and so is Preview, but aside from that they are unrelated.

As Fred says above, the preview is opened by pressing the preview button (looks like a computer monitor on the top toolbar), or pressing Alt+P on the keyboard.

Yes, I know about the Preview window. It’s what I use. The thread, now closed, that I’d read was about a live preview in the Shape Properties window.
Allow me simplify my question… Is there a way to see a live preview in Lightburn while changing gamma/contrast/brightness?

Edit: gamma/contrast/brightness was supposed to be dither/stucki/jarvis

The image being manipulated changes as you adjust those values, so yes. You don’t get a full preview with all the dithering and the rest of the cut, but the image will reflect the changes on screen immediately.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of that?

Here is an example from the announcement. Is this what you are looking for?


Or something like this where I have the same images, one on the right has been selected and the ‘Gamma’ has been cranked up from the default of 1.00 up to 2.00. Do you see that the image on the right has changed and is now darker? This change is happening while, and the result of, the changes I am making to the settings available in the ‘Shape Properties’ window.

No, I saw somewhere that there was a live view of the changes being made to a photo on the screen. For instance, as I’m increasing the gamma on a photo, there was a cut preview that would change with the different parameters. The same with Image Mode (Dither/Jarvis/Grayscale). Live cut preview while parameters are being changed. I’m going through Youtube to find the video.
I can’t put into words what I’m confused about.

I may be mistaken. If so, disregard this thread and enjoy your weekend. Hahaha!

I have that ability. The post I wanted to comment on was replied by you but has since been closed. A gentleman was asking if there was a way to see the cut preview while making changes without opening preview, closing it, changing image mode, and then reopening preview. I understand the instant view of changes in grayscale while changing gamma and contrast… I was wondering if there was a way to see the cut preview of each image mode change (dither, jarvis, stucki) without having to open preview and then closing it, make a change and then reopen preview.

If this still doesn’t make sense to any of you, just ignore me because I don’t know of any other way to explain what I’m thinking

I reply to many posts that are now closed so I’d need a bit more direction or maybe even a link for context. :slight_smile:

No, there is not and has never been a “Live cut preview while parameters are being changed.” so I don’t know what you are talking about. That being said, you can, however, change playback speed and adjust the cut simulator to better match your actual hardware. This will change the estimated time to complete the job and that change is reflected in the "Preview’ window. Is this what you are after?

Maybe we should start over with you rephrasing what you would like to accomplish with LightBurn and how you “see” yourself using the feature you are inquiring about. Please be as descriptive as you can to help us better understand what you are after, and we can go from there.

Thanks! No, you answered it. “There is no live cut preview while making changes.”

What I would like to be able to do? Well, photo engraving… being able to see the dither cut preview at the same time as changing gamma/contrast/brightness.
No worries. And yes, I understand you reply to a lot. All of you do. The software is top notch and the help from the creators and very knowledgeable users is phenomenal! Thank all of you for what you’ve done and continue to do.

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This would be a good suggestion to put on our official Feature Request and Voting site.

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