I unhooked my ORTUR Pro and moved it

When I moved my ORTUR and set it back up it is doing crazy stuff???
it will not go home anit when I power button and reset it goes all the way right and then all the way back then across left then back to nearly home please help

Check all of the connections on the laser. Especially on the stepper motors.

I double checked all connections still having same issues
How do I set home position ? Noticed it changed some how and position will not let me change it

I suggest a more systematic approach to identify what’s going on.

  1. Can you explain what exactly you did when you moved the laser? Was this a full dismantle? Or did you move the table it was resting on without any disassembling? Or somewhere in the middle.
  2. Can specify in as much detail as possible what exactly is happening and when? Please explain step by step, action and reaction.
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I am going to Isla Mujeres mexico for two weeks, I will revisit this issue when I return
Thank you for your time

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