I want to buy a licence, I really do

But I can’t get through that bloody captcha. Five different ones came up one after the other, and I just can’t get past it.
Maybe I really am a robot.

Are you saying you’re unable to interpret the captcha or it’s not working in spite of what you think is proper captcha input?

I can’t recall what captcha is used but is there an option to do an audio captcha that you could try?

Now that’s funny right there.

I know how he feels, I hate those things…


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Pretty sure I can interpret it, I mean, I know what a bicycle looks like, and a fire hydrant. But when I submit it, I just get another test, and another, and another.

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Have you disabled cookies possibly? Curious if it’s either a cookie issue or a 3rd party cookie issue. I don’t actually know but speculating based on similar issues I’ve faced.

Well I got there in the end, just kept plugging away. I think I went through about ten screens though.

Nice. Sounds like it’s time to update the training data for your image recognition mechanisms my AI friend.


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