I would just like to say thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to the entire team at Lightburn. Your software is outstanding and your support team is incredible. As a noob, your software has made it easy for this simpleton to understand and use.

For those of you who are new to the laser world like me (started in May 2021), be patient and persistent. Any issues you may come across can be remedied by posting on the forum or searching on Youtube. These are both invaluable resources and I highly recommend using them. Youtube is also a great resource if you’re just starting out. There’s lots of content. If you’re using the trial version of the software, I suggest spending the $40 for the licensed version. You absolutely will not regret it. While image editing may be somewhat limited (not by much), you can always supplement it with other editing software such as GIMP, Krita or Inkscape (there are others as well).

Again, thank you to all you amazing humans at Lightburn. Keep on keeping on.


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