I would like to cut a circle out in lightburn

I am looking to cut out a circle on wood. Just a very simple circle. When I use lite burn the laser goes left to right to burn an image. But to burn just a circle, can Lightburn have the laser go around in an actual circle to cut the wood out. Meaning not just do x axis then a short y axis but both x and y axis at the same time? Hope I explained this well.

If you draw a circle using the ‘Create Ellipse’ tool and set that layer to ‘Line’, LightBurn will cut, following the path of the circle. Is this what you are after? :slight_smile:

Yes it is and thank you. I did see after experimenting that the preview will show how the engraving will happen. I want to do this so as to make a round clock face. I think I would etch out the design first. Then on another layer I would actually cut out the circle.

You should start with our Simple Project to gain a general understanding of how to get around and do things in LightBurn. We also offer YouTube videos, and a Google search will show you many created by our user community for different projects. Search here as well. You can make a clock face easily using the Circle Array tool, so we have you covered there. :wink:

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