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Hi everyone. I have an Icube 5w laser machine. Can you tell me how i can keep the laser central to the object i want to print on? Thanks for any replies

Framing is the tool of choice. The frame is a box that represents the maximum movement is X and Y. The actual burn area is typically smaller because Frame is not an outline.

The second is the Laser Position Tool, which looks like a teardrop with a hole in it. Click on that, then click on the center of your part. The laser will be moved to where you think the center is located.

The iCube is new, so I do not know how it indicates where the laser beam will actually strike, like with a laser pointer or visible light beam. That you will have to determine for yourself.

Thanks Mike, that makes sense now.

Thanks! Be sure to come back with those next questions.

Maybe have a look here as well: Coordinate systems & workpiece alignment - Diode Laser Wiki

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Hi everyone. This may be a dumb queation, but i have an Icube laser. When i want to burn on to something, im finding it hard to accurately place my material in the middle of the laser bed so that everything is square and central. Any advice is welcome. Thanks

See these pages for tips:


Thanks thats a great help

Thanks for your help

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