I'd like to engrave on paper bags

My wife wants to get paper bags to take finished products to clients.

I personally want to engrave my logo on the bags without setting them on fire.

I have a J-Tech 4.2 laser so low power engraving won’t be an issue. :rofl:

Any tips? :face_with_monocle:

If the logo is not very fine, defocusing is an obvious choice. Adjust the power and speed to fit. I used this method to mark textiles.

This is my logo I wish to engrave on bags.

Is this more complicated?

It depends on how big the logo is and how many bags you want.
If it is a large logo that can be seen and more bags need to be made than a hand full, then I will make a mask and spray paint it.
The risk of burning through the paper with the shapes set to fill is high. At the same time, a varied logo will require several rounds if work is to be done with different focuses. So, I think your logo is not very suitable to be burned on paper.


Another option would be to make an ink stamp to print the logo on the bags. Laser time is expensive for something that can be done with an ink pad and a quick press.

I make earrings and I started to engrave the cardboard display cards. Great for individual gifts, but a huge time expense when I have an order of 50+ for a customer and there is a more time efficient method available.


I would personally lean toward a stamp for this! There are laserable stamp sheets you can buy from most laser supply places. Else a sheet of natural rubber will work too!

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A vote for a stamp from here as well.
If the logo is big, for a mask as @bernd.dk suggested.

Will save a ton of headache, not to mention a heap of well ventilated paper bags.



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You could use the laser to make a stencil and spray with acrylic paint.

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Thank you for the input.

At this point I am leaning toward the stamp.

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