Ideal Setting for Granite Tile

Hi, I am new to laser engraving and Lightburn. I do have experience as a NC Programmer though, which seems to help. My question is, does anyone want to share some setting info with me? For instance, how get a extremely detailed hand drawn B&W image burn onto some granite?

Without knowing what machine you have, almost impossible to guide you.

AP Lazer SN1812 40w

Do you have some granite to test on? If so, Start around 10 inch per sec. Power about 14.4 and an a dpi around 140.Use the live power adjustment on the controller display to bump up/down the power in small intervals till you get a good result. (Granite is very picky and varies in quality and engraving capability unlike any other substrate so test test test.) I find dither to be the best on granite at this point. We have gone up to about 220dpi on the 40w with a 1.5"lens. I typically run 10/14.5 at 140 with good results for high quality granite.

You can also trace it to create a vector version. You’ll loose shading though.
So the best bet is one of the photo processes within Lightburn Dither, Jarvis or Stucki.

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