Ideas on how these are painted?

Thanks Nathan… These appear to be single layer objects… Am I correct in that? Also, what kept the printed material that was applied to the MDF from catching fire from the laser?


They are single layer but I think the process would be the same. I played with the speed and power but also the airflow. The printed sided didn’t burn or scorch to much it was really dirty after but I took a little LA cleaner to it and they cleaned right up.

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Yo pinto con pintura acrílica el MDF y luego lo corto con la láser…
A veces se queda un poco manchado de humo, aplicó un paño con agua y listo…
Luego vuelvo a pintar si está muy dañado, y finalmente barnizo…

It works great for mdf also been doing it for a while and I just dry it right away, its fine.

I’ve got some acrylic paints in the shop when I was doing some 4x4 coasters from lowes a couple of years ago. I’ve also got some scrap pieces of MDF from these Christmas Ornaments I’ve been doing I may throw some paint on them, mask them once they’re dried, and see how well it cuts.