Identifying Camfive Legacy controller

I purchased a Camfive 48" x 24" laser engraver that has perhaps a proprietary controller but maybe some other type that they have branded. I can’t find any identifying numbers or name. Trying to get a diagram for pin outs so I can map it over to a Ruida RDC 6445S controller. I have Googled images and sites to no avail, so I am hoping some here might recognize it.

All of the CamFive machines are manufactured by Hans Yueming Laser Company in China. They may be able to provide documentation:

Follow the Brown-Black-Blue bundles and confirm that they are the motors or the limit switches.

I like masking tape for making ad-hoc labels for reverse engineering wiring harnesses.

Also let us know if there are any identifying marks on the stepper motors or servos and what your machine uses.

Fun Project!

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