Ikier 24w pulsing laser power with Overscan enabled, anyone seen this before?

Considering the machines specifications, I have to agree, it should not be causing the issue. There is plenty of performance to deny my thought process of what’s going on.

I don’t know what to suggest to you at this point.

I’ll be following along to see what the group and you come up with…

Good luck


Not looking good like you said from a support perspective…Their response to the description and photo above was " Dear customer,

We apologize for this.

The power of the Ikier k1 pro 24w machine is suitable for engraving wood.

Aluminum cannot be engraved with the power of the 24w machine.

Aluminum can be engraved with the Ikier 1064 20w fiber optic engraver.


Hope you got it through your credit card… I’d try and recoup the money through them…

Good luck


With 4mm defocus, I have achieved usable powerdercoating removal at 60-80 mm/s but had to turn the acceleration down a fair bit, overlap the passes with a very small line distance and tune “each” speed to the maximal allowable overscan setting in LB before the hot spotting phenomenon kicks in, on this machine at 60 mm/sec thats 1.5% overscan and doesn’t seem power setting dependent. I hope support shows interest in engaging, but for now I think this is going to be a limited/specific use machine as I’m not going to be comfortable doing anything new on it without a lot of testing.